[NEWS]FG Makes People To Sleep On Road, Defecate In Open Drain – Fashola

FG Makes People To Sleep On Road, Defecate In Open Drain Fashola
Clement Ejiofor, 17 minutes ago
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Lagos State governor Babatunde Fashola has strongly criticized themismanagementof the federal government while inspecting the roads in the Apapa area of the state, on Sunday, 13 July.
Lagos State governor Babatunde Fashola
The governor has enumerated series of issues that disturb him for a long time, including serious problems with business development, road destruction, overall decline in the area andlack of proper management of oil distribution and port management by the federal government.
The Sun posted the text of Fasholas full speech where he said the following, “Businesses are shutting down in Apapa, people are living a very traumatic life. The entire roads have collapsed due to the movement of heavy tonnage. We have managed to create some order on the road but the entrance to the port is where the problem lies. So, it is lack of management on the part of those managing the port. It is obvious where the problem is emanating from. 90 percent of the fuels used in this country are distributed through this place.
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I just wonder why everything is falling into pieces under this federal government. Everything about the country is falling into pieces, and Apapa has not been spared. The port cannot be managed. The fuel distribution cannot be managed without causing so much pain.The roads have been destroyed. People are sleeping on the road because the central government cannot effectively manage the distribution of fuel.
People are taking their bath and defecating in the open drain. All the drains have turned to refuse dumps, simply because the federal government wants to give its citizens fuel and run a port.This shows lack of competence on the part of the central government; and it is a shame. We can only try to manage some of the consequences of this mismanagement.
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As long as we continue with this government because things are not getting better things are not getting better, but worse. Last year, it was better than this. I do not know what it will be like next year.Residents must know that this is not a Lagos State problem but the federal governments. The responsibility for distribution and maintenance of the roads used for the distribution is federal governments problem.
It is over a year now. We are yet to ask them what they have done to improve the road. The problem in Apapa is problem caused by lack of proper management of oil distribution and port management.I believe that everyone has a role to play. Even the transporters have their own role in addressing this issue. We have some progress within one week. We have established a one lane compliance on Creek road and access to the road.”


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