[MUSIC]Debrah Rose – Superwoman

“Debrah Rose is a sensational afro-soul
singer/songwriter. The talented young singer
who hails from South London is set to take
the music industry by storm, not just in the
UK but worldwide; with her one of a kind
distinctive vocals. The 20-year-old describes
her sound as “soul with an African fusion”
creating her own music genre titling it
Born and raised in South London, Debrah
Rose of Nigerian decent knew of her talents
from an early age. At the tender age of 5,
she began singing and that’s when she knew
she wanted to become a singer. From
singing in the church choir at the age of 10,
and then becoming the lead singer of the
church choir at the age of 15 – it was no
turning back for Rose as she had her mind
set on her career path. Beginning her career
early, Debrah Rose participated in multiple
talent shows as a child, where she won most
of in school as well as inter school music
Debrah Rose debuts her official single
‘Superwoman’, Friday 11th July that will
cement herself as a key act on many
tastemaker’s lips.
Set out to release her debut EP ‘Inside Out’,
the EP boasts of Debrah’s ability to write
her thoughts and feelings into verses and
choruses as well as to sing over any
instrumental/beat – showing off her God-
given talents. Speaking on ‘Superwoman’,
Debrah expresses it as “the listener having a
conversation with her” – where she shares
her life experiences on the self-penned six-
track-project, eyeing a late 2014/early 2015
Already having been compared to the likes
of Adele, Amy Winehouse and Asa for their
powerful voices, Rose draws influences from
Asa, Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige for her
songwriting skills and gift to turn her stories
into songs.
Infusing English and her native tongue of
Yoruba together, Debrah Rose’s bubbly
personality and her raspy vocals really come
out in her music, where she effortlessly
brings the two together.
Debrah Rose’s work and authenticity speaks
for it-self, and will leave you intrigued to
hear more from the aspiring singer.”



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