‘BRT bus did not kill any soldier’ – LAGBUS official explains what really happened


LAGBUS Asset Management Limited, operators of
BRT buses have denied that one of their buses
killed a soldier. Soldiers went on a rampage
yesterday around the Palmgrove area of Lagos,
stopping BRT buses, asking passengers to get
down, beating the drivers, destroying the buses
before eventually setting them on fire. The
damage yesterday is said to be worth over
But speaking about it, a LAGBUS official said they
had nothing to do with it, explaining that they
only found a corpse in their bus and went to
report it to the police;
“By 10 p.m. last night, one of our buses
broke down at Onipanu; by 11 p.m., a
rescue team with a van went to the scene to
tow the bus. Unfortunately, area boys started
stoning our team which made our men to
leave. Meanwhile, the driver put on hazard
lights and C- Caution to alert motorists of
the breakdown. Continue…
“By 5am this morning, before the rescue
team got to the scene, a corpse had been
deposited in our bus and a motorcycle
parked behind it.
“When we saw it, we reported the case to the
Pedro Police Station, Somolu, but before we
got back to the scene, soldiers had burnt
down five BRT buses and one belonging to
BRT buses were later withdrawn from the roads
yesterday to prevent more damages. The man
who died was an army corporal


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